Emily Antonen (Emily R. Antonen) is a paid professional writer and editor, former therapist of natural healing arts, licensed from 1988-2016. She resides in Baltimore, MD.

In addition to work-for-hire projects such as web content, lectures, brochures, newsletters, etc, her non-fiction articles have appeared in such magazines as Intermezzo, Diabetic Living, Chess Life, and SIP: For the Love of Drink.

Emily has modest sales for her published Kindle ebook, Counting On You, the first of a planned OCD Murder Mystery Series. Each book works with an aspect of obsessive compulsive disorder symptoms: counting, ritual making, neatness, and germaphobia. Book 2, Ritual Beatings, is going through editing and revisions. Book 3, Minimally Invasive, is in draft, and Book 4, Germetically Sealed, is outlined.

Other works in development:  Fuzzy Findler and the Extinction Event (science fiction), Hounded by Love (romance), The School of Stuff and Nonsense (fantasy), The Writings of Gaspar Devereaux (fictional memoir), In the Cards (fantasy), A Commoner’s Tale (essays), The Bad Housekeeper’s Cookbook (satire), and, Bumbling Through (a collection of short stories).

Emily is a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association, as Emily R. Antonen. View her profile at https://www.the-efa.org/memberinfo/emily-antonen-22414/

She is also a member of Goodreads, NaNoWriMo, Wattpad (EmilyRAntonen), LinkedIn, and Twitter – #emdakid 

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