The Fourth Dosha

Traditionally, there are three body types (doshas): pitta, kapha, and vata. Now, thanks to chemical companies churning out poisons for weed killers, etc, there’s a fourth body type to define us – kafka.  (ref. Metamorphosis, and see what happens to said body type in photo above.)

Don’t care for going belly up? Back away from soy (for more reasons than just the glyphosate) GMO products (if you can discover them with the new FDA regulations hiding them), non-organic grain-fed animal proteins, grains seeds and pulses (because they get hefty doses of weed killer right before harvest), gelatins, shellfish, and other products contaminated with glyphosate.

Think you’re safe eating organics? Maybe not. Glyphosate has been found in crops not directly sprayed. It has been found in our ground water and even in breast milk. Your morning ceral might be a bowl of bad health waiting to happen. Grow what you can yourself, have your water supply checked and steam distill if you have to, though I’m not sure this would reduce its toxicity enough.

The Alliance for Natural Health International (ANHInternational) is one of many sources from which I pulled this information. Research for yourself and when you get afraid enough, try finding non-poisonous food and water. Grow what you can as safely as you can, because the poison is already prolific. Like the proverbial “turd in the punch bowl”, glyphosate has already ruined the party and not much can be done about it, even if anyone in government cared at all.

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